Energy Assistance

The intent of Energy Assistance is to provide financial support to eligible households to offset residential energy costs. Findings confirm that there have been dramatic increases in home energy costs that impose a disproportionately larger burden on fixed, low and lower to middle income households. We recognize that adequate home energy/heating is a necessary aspect of shelter, and that deficiencies in home heating pose a threat to life, health and/or safety.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for the Senior and Disabled Households begins early October, with General Public applications starting in December. Assistance may be directed to the primary heat source in the home.

Oregon Energy Assistance Program (OEAP) is for PGE customers only. OEAP qualifying criteria includes income eligibility. Priority status may be given to households with no power or a shut-off notice. YCAP receives monthly allocations to service a limited number of households.

Oregon Low Income Gas Assistance (OLGA) is for Northwest Natural Gas (NWN) customers only. OLGA qualifying criteria includes (a) income eligibility and (b) active account with NWN.


Assistance is available to renter and owner occupied housing that are below the 60% of Oregon Statewide Median Income. We process the majority of applications through the mail. Walk-in or scheduled appointments are available weekly.


60% of State Median Income by Household Size
Estimated State Median by Household Size-Source HHS

Household Unit Size Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $21,933 $1,827.75
2 $28,681 $2,390.08
3 $35,429 $2,952.42
4 $42,177 $3,514.75
5 $48,926             $4,077.17
6 $55,674 $4,639.50
7 $56,939 $4,744.92
8 $58,205 $4,850.42
9 $59,470 $4,955.83
10 $60,735             $5,061.25
11 $62,001 $5,166.75
12 $63,266 $5,272.17
Each Additional Member $1,265             $105.44

For larger households, please contact YCAP’s Energy Services Department for Income Eligibility.


The following must be provided in order to apply for Energy assistance (additional documentation may be required):

  • The completed and signed YCAP Program Services Application must be signed by adult applicant or authorized representative residing in household.(Account holder signature is preferred)
  • Copies of all social security cards from all household members.
  • Documentation of income for household members over age 18, and not attending high school, for either the past 30 days, 90 days or past 12 months. (Pay check stubs, social security awards, child support, unemployment, etc.)
  • An original or a copy of your most recent heating and utility bill(s) clearly showing your account number
  • (Direct purchase receipts for wood require a date, listed amount, vendor name and address.)
  • Subsidized Housing applicants (Section 8 or other) must provide a copy of your recent Rental Adjustment Letter (RAL) or a copy of your rental agreement.

It is STRONGLY ADVISED that all households continue paying your utility bill until the credit from energy assistance appears on your statement. If you are having problems paying your utility bill please contact your utility to make payment arrangement.