We need a Dedicated Volunteer to assist with our bicycle program

We need one or two dedicated volunteers to come to YCAP once a week to conduct intakes and match clients to bicycles for our Pedal-Power-Partnership program. Light data entry is necessary. Please contact Kristen (Oregon Relay 711) for more information

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Are you interested in donating time to help YCAP? Take time to look over some of our volunteer opportunities. Please email or call Jennifer at jennifere@yamhillcap.org or (503) 883-4183 (Oregon Relay 711) to discuss what interests you and how you can best fit into our team.

Volunteer opportunities are for individuals or groups, and can be ongoing or one-time events. We are happy to work with you to tailor an event or project to fit your group size, allotted time, or educational need

Volunteer Application Information:

At this time we are in the process of updating our volunteer application. If you are interested in applying please email or call Jennifer at jennifere@yamhillcap.org or (503) 883-4183.




Food Drive Tabling: Help us expand our food resources. We can set your group up at a grocery store where you collect food donations from shoppers. This project is ideal for small groups, or groups which work in shifts. For more information on setting up traditional food drives, visit our food drive page.

Food Repack: Bulk food staples such as beans, rice and pasta need to be repacked into 1-2 pound bags before distribution. This is a very social activity and is great for team building. For this activity groups donate $300+ for the purchase of bulk foods and the time and labor to repack the food. This is a great opportunity to be part of a food banking process from beginning to end.

Food Sort: All of the food drive donations that we receive need to be sorted for expired food and categorized by food type. This is a fun project and is fairly physical. We suggest you have at least one strong person (can lift 50 lbs or more) on your team.

Fresh Alliance Sort: Each day hundreds of pounds in fresh food is picked-up by our drivers from local grocery stores.  The food needs to be sorted for rapid redistribution.  M-F 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Warehouse:  Karen needs a team of two or three people to come in on Fridays, and an occasional Monday or Tuesday to help pull and pack orders for our local pantries.  Some lifting required. This would only be a 1-2 hour commitment once a week.   Attention to detail a must.

Truck Driver: The food bank has a truck that makes a daily route picking up food from local businesses and distributing it to pantries around the county. Drivers are needed to assist volunteers and staff with the driving and delivering. A clean driving record and the ability to pass our insurance test is required.

Food Recovery:  We are actively recruiting strong, energetic people to help with Food Recovery on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The shifts are daily M- F _.  Heavy lifting is required in this position.  Interest in driving the Food Bank truck is a plus, but not necessary.


Homeless Count: The annual Homeless Count coordinated by YCAP utilizes hundreds of volunteers. Organization for the event begins in December for the January count.

Community Connect: This annual event uses volunteers to organize, set up, provide services, fund raise, and to promote the event. Volunteers are needed as early as March for the April Community Connect.

Adopt-A-Room: This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for groups.   Adopt a room in one of our three shelters.  We encourage twice yearly work days to paint, replace worn furniture and refurbish the shelter room that has been adopted.



YOUTH MENTORS: Mentors are needed to teach special activities or hobbies to youth, help with homework or monitor the computer room.  Mentors provide a positive social role model.

HOST HOMES: Youth Outreach is accepting applications for SafeShelter Host Homes, which provide emergency shelter for up to 21 days to 11-17 year old runaways or homeless youth in the Newberg/Dundee area. Applicants will be required to pass background checks and provide complete biographical information as well as participate in training and support meetings regularly. Once certified, applicants will receive a small monthly stipend and nightly allowance when sheltering youth. For more information, contact Mark at 503.538.8023 (Oregon Relay 711).