Homeless Count

In 2008, Yamhill County created a plan to end and alleviate homelessness. As part of this plan, YCAP has taken the lead on implementing a Homeless Count held on the last Wednesday of January each year. YCAP partners with numerous volunteers and organizations to count people experiencing homelessness that day. We collect information on people staying in shelters, correctional institutions, places not meant for habitation and those temporarily staying with friends or family. This information is then reported to the state and HUD (Housing and Urban Development) to identify gaps and progress. It also may be used for grant writing purposes.

The official data accepted by HUD are those who are homeless and either sheltered and unsheltered. We also include people who are precariously housed, which is defined as those who are in danger of becoming literally homeless because they have no place of their own to live or their current housing situation is tenuous. This group includes, among others, people who are doubled up—those who are living for short periods of time with friends or relatives and thus lack a fixed, regular nighttime residence.

If you would like information on volunteering for the Homeless Count, click here.

Yamhill County 2016 Point In Time Homeless Count Data – Sheltered-Unsheltered

Yamhill County 2016 Point In Time Homeless Count Data – Precariously Housed

Yamhill County 2016 PIT Needs Assessment Report