Much of our nearly $5 million dollar operating budget comes from state and federal grants to provide rural transportation, housing assistance, energy and weatherization and a youth program for low income people. But very little state or federal money is available to support the regional food bank, the three transitional shelters or case management to ensure that clients have the help they need to become self-sufficient. And State and federal grants are very specific. They allow little variance for dealing with local issues and needs or to help people who fall just outside their strict definition of poverty.

Your donations help us increase the amount of healthy, local produce available to local pantries and group homes. They provide for crafts and special programs for the youth center. They maintain the shelters and provide a fund to help keep families from becoming homeless. And now, they are building a new facility that will serve all of Yamhill County for now and for the future

There are many ways to donate:
Services & Materials